Not so little

My not so little girl sits up in her bed – its nap time – and she plays with her little books; making faces, talking to herself, then suddenly eating at the book asif food were coming out of it. She seems soo content, safe and happy. After a few minutes, she curls up into a little ball and hugs her “conforter” and just lays there in silence while fixing her eyes on one object in her room. As the music plays lullabies in the background, her eyelids become sort of heavy and she struggles to keep them open.

Where has time gone? Its scares me to think that in a few years she wont be this little girl anymore. That all this will just be the past and all ill have will be great memories and the lines on my tummy.

Note to self: Treasure these moments, I will never have them back!

And shes fast asleep, still curled up in that same position, with her conforter next to her and the sound of “hush little baby” in the background.
…. its been a beautiful 5min just spent in her presence.

– peace

Keeping Up

Ok I feel like I have to do a recap on my whole life it seems – that’s a slight over exaggeration – but let me just pick at my brain and see what I can remember…

1. Aaliyah started Family Daycare (FDC) on the 9th of December for two days a week. On her first day I was a complete wreck ( yes… just me ) – literally walking around the whole day like a headless chicken! I balled my eyes out the moment I turned the corner and it was just a messy day for me. Aaliyah on the other hand was completely fine and did not shed a tear, though upon picking her up, I could tell she really missed us! The next few days of attending were hard for her because she knew what to expect – mummy and daddy will leave me here! Throughout the day however she would eventually settle and join in with all the activities and has even been taking her naps there – that was one of my worries, that wouldn’t settle down to sleep.

So just as we are all adjusting to this new and wonderful change, we find out that the FDC will be closing as they are moving to another State! Noooooooooooooooo :'( I’m more sad for Aaliyah, that she will have to resettle somewhere else. So this morning I’ve been making a couple calls to try and organise that as soon as possible as we approach this busy festive season :( I doubt anything can be done in the next couple days! How annoying!

2. Naysan, a close family friend and also a business partner of ours has recently moved back to Australia yay. We’ve had the pleasure of having in visit us in Sydney a few times in the last two weeks and it’s been lots of fun. His youngest sister Guli and husband Danny have also moved to Sydney from England and we get to hang out with them maybe once or twice a week since they’ve moved here. They’re pretty funny people hahaha. Aaliyah is slowly growing a bond with them which is cute to see.

So with Naysan visiting us, it also means work for me at times. We’ve been friends for many years and first formed this bond through music – he managed a musical performance group I was apart of. But now I’ve gone solo and he has played a huge part of its growth and progress. In the last two weeks, we’ve been getting my Baha’i Album done called “Listen” and we’re hoping to have it complete before he leaves… AGAIN… to work overseas! Sigh* So that’s the plan today while I have the whole day to myself… to get my album over and done with!

3. We did our first Christmas family shopping yesterday! I had soo much fun! Although I feel bad because I want to be able to send my family gifts… I just don’t have the money to do that. And buying gifts for Nav’s family and our close friends here in Sydney is that best that we can do with what we have. Not to mention Aaliyahs 2nd birthday thats coming up on the 27th! We’ll be celebrating it with a picnic at the beach on the 28th with close family and friends :) So a bit of food, sun, fun and cake it is for the day!! What more could Aaliyah want ;) Oh Aaliyah would also like to donate a few of her things – toys & clothes – to a charity. So that would be her gift to others on her birthday :) She’s only turning 2 so I doubt she’d completely understand the gesture or even remember this, but I will keep it for her to visit in the later future… I’m sure she’d love to hear about it someday!

4. Baby #2…. no other comment except for … it’s in the process and we’re all just waiting.

I think Aaliyah needs a proper update of her own which I’ll do very soon before Christmas hopefully. But incase I don’t have time…



Spring/Summer update

I’ve been M.I.A since my last post a while ago. The only time I get to properly go through my phone is during Aaliyahs naps or at night as I sit near her while she tries to sleep.

Not much has happened although Aaliyah has grown a bit more.
Learning and remembering songs and randomly singing them aloud during the day is one of the many things im loving at the moment. She has also started the “I’m gonna call you as many times as I can until you respond properly” phase. It can get quite annoying sometimes, other times its funny.

She doesnt get out much as our area is not that safe and not exactly kid friendly to be honest.  Atleast at our last place we had parks to go to near by, shops were close, we had a little market every saturday near us and it was closer to work for Nav. So I hope we move back there after a year or so.
I’ve organised to take her out on Wednesdays to the MCA for artplay and then Saturdays will be to take her to see her papa at the other salon. I’m also planning for her to do swim lessons every sunday mornings and to also start Family daycare.

Were still kind of trying for baby #2 and at times it really upsets me as time passes because the age difference between our kids would atleast be 3years. Sucks. I really wanted them to be close. Probably because I have siblings close in age and I know the many benefits of it. 

I’ve finally started sewing again so its a bit stressful trying to organise that and look after Aaliyah. Makes me feel soo bad that I ignore her sometimes and I should take her out, so maybe I should just quit with the sewing?!

Oh Nav coloured my hair (pic) on the weekend :) Not exactly what I wanted but its still nice.

Anyway about 5-6 more weeks until Aaliyah turns 2!! Time flies!

oh shes asleep now, finally, and its only 9:17pm 😒 Time to shower and eat and sleep before she wakes again.


She loves her lip balms.


From dark to light 😆


My sweet pea is growing!


Just an update

So weve moved in with Nikki (navs mum) about 6weeks ago, and how I felt at the beginning is not exactly how I would describe right now.

Its not that bad living with another family member like I thought it would be. I still get my own space and time and I can do most things I did at home here too. I guess the upsides of being here is that we get to keep her company and we also save a bit of money. The downside is its not my own place so I have to keep it clean all the time and I cant really refurnish the place. But life goes on.

As for my little Aaliyah, she is 1year and just over 9months now. Her vocabulary has exceeded my expectations and her knowledge and memory is just getting better. Her speech too, fascinates me. When did this all happen? I dont feel soo much like an idiot when I have conversations with her about everything. She is able to tell me what she wants and doesnt want most times. Its crazy. She really enjoys running around and making me run with her, “run mama run” she would say. Shes learning to put her own clothes on but is still learning to use the toilet.

I look at her sometimes and wish soo much that she had a little sister or brother to grow with. During this phase of her growth especially, it would have been really nice and more productive for her.

Oh well.


Aaliyahs playtime at the MCA yesterday morning. Had lots of fun exploring.

In a loop

As a stay at home mum, I love my good days! It makes me a happy mum and a happier person and life is good!
However, for about a week (and still now), it seems I’ve been stuck in a never ending loophole of one crap after another. I won’t bother naming every issue because it’ll probably make me feel worse, but what I’ve realised it the affect it has on Aaliyah.

As a result of all the unfortunate events that take place, I am soo snappy and upset and sometimes teary. Sometimes towards Aaliyah because she’s always there and whenever she doesn’t listen to me, it feels like a stab to the chest – not kidding. Clearly I’m being overemotional and I’m trying to calm myself down, so I distract myself with YouTube diy tutorials or cleaning.
I spoke to my sister the other night and she pointed out that I’m overworking myself. Maybe she’s right.

My baby needs all my attention, I get it, but with the whole sudden move I feel like everything has been a rush so I’m trying to feel at home as much as a can and as fast as I can to feel comfortable. I go to sleep thinking “I miss home, I want to go home”. It’s sad, but I’m trying to move on. Leaving your own life is hard especially if you’ve built your way up and finally gotten what you want before it’s all taken away. I hope Aaliyah is ok with the transition and her new home, I’m
Trying to make her comfortable here like she was at home. Her room is all setup, but she doesn’t know where mum and dad’s room is just yet. And I still feel she’s waiting to go home.
Maybe it’ll heal with time.

My Baby List

Baby list

Heres in celebration of our good friends wonderful news…. they’re expecting their first baby in only a few months!

So here s a list I wish someone had put up for me while I was carrying… would’ve helped with the overspending (although we didn’t overspend too much luckily.)


  • Onesies
  • Singlets
  • Beanies
  • Mittens and Socks
  • Muslins
  • Blanket
  • Rocker/Bouncer
  • Bassinet ($$)
  • Cot ($$-$)
  • Burp cloths (we never used ours because A rarely threw up)
  • Hat (Summer baby? out and about? Definitely will need this)


  • Nappies ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ etc lol)
  • Wet-wipes ($$$$ etc)
  • Nappy Bin ($ – it does come in handy if you want to contain all that “wonderful” smell)
  • Baby powder
  • Sudo cream (a must)
  • Bepanthem (a must – worked wonders for those really bad rashes)
  • Baby massage oil (I still massage Aaliyah occasionally to this day)
  • Hair brush 
  • Change Mat
  • Earbuds/cotton 


  • Towel
  • Face towel
  • Bath tub or somewhere to wash baby
  • Change table ($$-$ – we had one and sold it to a friend. It only got in our way and was more comfortable changing baby on the bed or floor)
  • Shampoo/body wash
  • Bathing slip mat/bed **


  • Nappy Bag ($-$$ – Might want to invest in a good one that’ll last a long time and where you can take everywhere with you, including those romantic nights out!)
  • Nappy Plastic bags (Coles or supermarket)
  • Car seat (can’t leave the hospital without one!!!)
  • Carrier ($-$)
  • Window shade
  • Pram ($$$)


  • Bras ($$)
  • Nickers (stretchy comfy ones!)
  • Comfy clothes (ones that give easy access to your milk for feeding and expressing)
  • Nipple cream
  • Breast pads
  • Breast pump (your new best friend for a while lol)
  • Milk storage containers
  • Breast Feeding pillow (did wonders for me as it made breastfeeding soo much more easy and comfortable)
  • Tummy wrap (apparently helps with your contractions after giving birth and also pulls your tummy back into shape much quicker) **
  • Maternity pads (you’ll be needing them for at-least a week or two after giving birth)


  • Night lamp (so you don’t wake the hubby while trying to feed or change – unless you want him to lol)
  • Comfy chair/Rocking chair ** ($$$ - invest in a good comfy one)
  • Baby monitor (you’ll be wanting to check up on baby every second… this will help calm your nerves down lol)


** = we didn’t get or need/want

$$$ most costly

And there you have it :) Hope this helps!!!

New place

It’s been 5days since we’ve moved out of our tiny 2 bedroom apartment. No more family market mornings, no more early morning walks, no more walks to the corner shops or visits to the lovely parks. But most important of all, no more proper family time together. I’m gonna miss it.

Anyway, a new place, a new life, a new beginning to something different.

My cousins came and helped us move – it only took them 4hrs! The next 2 days were brutal, had to clean the old house twice!!! Was tiring especially with a child to look after and Nav had work.

It’s going to take a few weeks for me to settle in. This has happened way too fast for me.

Here’s a few snaps of the move and Aaliyah recently….




It’s ok to be annoyed

You know some days when things just don’t go as planned? That’s been my life everyday for the last 19months and 2weeks. Surprise surprise.

Aaliyah has been difficult to put to bed at night for the last two months. Tonight she was asleep at 11pm! And if she went down early, she’d be up again in just a short few hours. sigh Its exhausting and it drains the hell out of me.
So when I want an early sleep, do I get one? Nope! Not a chance. I’m the type of person who gets scared in the dark when I’m alone, so I hate going to bed without my husband. But lately (for the last year or so) he stays up late watching tv, playing Xbox etc. Should I be worried that he doesn’t to come to bed at the same as me? Erm, not really. I guess he has the freedom to stay up and do whatever he wants. But I get scared at night :( Pretty sure He knows and has either forgotten or just doesn’t care. Pretty sure I’m annoyed and he can sleep on his side of the bed tonight… Like most nights. Haha I’m annoyed, so what?! I’m a mum I’m allowed to :)

An update on Miss A

So now my little angel is about 19months – that’s 1year 6months and 2weeks to be exact. Wow, did I just say that? How time has seriously flown by and I have no idea how we got here to be honest.

Here are some things she loves to do: sing (loves twinkle little star and ABC), hum songs/music, dance, draw, giving hi 5s, hugging, talking, playing at the park (loves the swing especially), drawing, puzzles, painting, talking on the phone, randomly calls people from my phone

In the last couple weeks we’ve noticed a huge improvement in her vocabulary and to be honest I think it’s because I talk to her a lot like how I would to any adult, also a bit of tv and music. Here are words she can or almost say properly: daddy, mummy, papa, mama, nanna, sky, plane, moon, hot, please, thanks, I love you, bye, hi, how are you, where are you, what, what’s that, that, no mama/daddy, more, scissors, peach, apple, honey, shoe shoe, eyes, nose, mouth, knee, toes, bed, teddy, gone, oh no, num num, uncle, Aunty, door, hug me.

She has 4teeth coming out all at once but luckily she’s not in any pain. Her sleeping routine is some days good and some days bad. However she’s been sleeping well for her day nap: at least 1.5hrs sleep to 2.5hrs sleep. A few days ago she slept for 3.15hrs which was awesome. She’s been sleeping in a bed now for about a month and though at first I regret it because she kept climbing out at night to coming to our room, I secretly love it at the same time – even if it means lack of sleep. I know that 10years from now I will look back at this time and think that it was one of the best moments we had.

She hasn’t started daycare yet but will soon in October. I’m contemplating on whether or not she really needs to go but well see what happens.

Terrible 2s? Not sure if we’ve reached it yet because she does misbehave sometimes. It’s not that bad an it doesn’t last long. We’ve found that we can distract her with singing or a hug or something she likes. It does upset me though when she misbehaves, but lucky I have a comforting husband who always reminds me that it’s really ok and it’s not the end of the world. She’s just a baby and it’s just a phase.

We love her soo much regardless and love each day when she learns something new! Can’t believe she’s almost 2!!!!